Phonopath is a puzzle game based entirely in audio.

Each stage of the game is comprised of a sound clip and password request. The password lies hidden within the audio file itself, and can only be revealed through critical listening, careful analysis and manipulation.

Phonopath aims to explore the limits of “the audio file as a puzzle medium”. Expect to learn something.

“An awesome audio adventure game. I felt like a real detective while exploring
every sound puzzle.”
    - Vincent Diamante - Audio Director, thatgamecompany

“A brilliant, crushingly difficult love letter to the game sound universe.”
    - Gordon McGladdery - AShellInThePit Audio (Rogue Legacy; Okhlos; Duelyst; ...)

“A clever sonic hunt deep into the fabric of sound.”
    - Jerry Berlongieri, Audio Director, Microsoft Studios

“My colleagues and I didn't get much done the week we discovered Phonopath.”
    - Ted Kocher, Music Editor, Sony Computer Entertainment America

“Every sound designer must check out this truly inspiring piece of art.”
    - Uğurcan Orçun, Audio Lead, Taleworlds Entertainment

“Wonderful, whimsical, and on the whole deserved of any praise given.”
    - Jack Menhorn, Sound Designer/Composer; Editor in Chief @

“Anyone who wants to call themselves a game audio person - they need to play this game.”
    - Matthew Marteinsson, Sound Designer, Klei Entertainment

“An intricate puzzle for the converted; a learning tool for the next audio gurus to come.”
    - Bjørn Jacobsen, Audio Designer, CCP Games

“An impressive discourse on the depth of possibility in using audio as a puzzle tool.”
    - Rich Vreeland, Disasterpeace

“It takes a very special kind of mind to see the ‘game’ in everything, and Kevin
definitely saw it in the everyday tools we sound designers use.”
    - Eduardo Ortiz Frau, Sound Designer

Kevin Regamey

Colin Regamey

Voice Talent: (in order of appearance)
Joshua Matumona
Shauna Johannesen
Gavin Hammon
David Godfrey
Stewart Yu
Nicki Rapp
Kevin Regamey
Jeff Tangsoc
Riley Koenig
Christian Lorenz
Colin Regamey
Ingrid Nilson
Stephanie Komure

Max Konyi

Frontpage Graphic:
Darci Love

Christian Lorenz
Zac Jackson
Dillon Klassen
Mike Kenyon
Kevin Kanellakis
Stephen Payne
Luke Neilson

Special Thanks:
Marc Regamey and Sherry Dahl
Eliot Piltz
Howard Choy
Keith Parry
The OTD Family